Topical Workshops

Conflict Transformation Dialogue Day

  • Purpose:  To help congregations overcome conflict through healthy dialogue that transcends false dichotomies.
  • Description: A day-long experiential program designed to help congregations understand that us/them conflict is often based on false dichotomies and that conflict, far from being unhealthy or sinful, can often be "holy ground," a path to transcending false distinctions, to understanding God in a deeper way, and to stronger, schism-resistant Christian community.
  • Target Population: Adults in from theologically diverse groups within or between congregations.
  • Methods & Materials: Pre-class reading, presentation, discussion, Q & A, structured dialogue. Primary text –  Paradoxy: Creating Christian Community Beyond Us and Them, along with supplementary conflict transformation resources.
  • Session Length & Frequency: One Day (6 hours instruction).
  • Faculty: The Rev. Ken Howard, Spiritual Formation Center associates. 
  • Location: St. Nicholas Episcopal Church 
  • Cost: $1,600 instructional fee, plus $15 per person for materials

From Rome to Canterbury: Healthy Transitions

  • Purpose: To address the theological and cultural concerns, as well as the pastoral needs, of those considering a transition from the Roman Catholic Church to the Episcopal Church.
  • Description: The series of classes covering Church history, including both the Reformation and the English Reformation, Eucharistic theology, baptism, Apostolic Succession, Papal Infallibility and Ecumenism and the Documents of Vatican II.
  • Target Population: Adults and older teens.
  • Methods & Materials: Presentation, discussion, Q & A. 
  • Session Length & Frequency: Depending upon the needs of the attendees, this can be taught in a shortened format of one session or in the longer two and three session formats.
  • Faculty: Terri Murphy. 
  • Location: St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Ascension Episcopal Church, or on site.
  • Cost: Varies based on length and setting.

Stewardship as a Way of Life*

  • Purpose: To provide ordained and lay church leaders with an approach to stewardship that integrates it into the life of the congregation and lives of its members. 
  • Description: A one-day workshop outlining the elements of a comprehensive stewardship program and helping participants to apply them in their congregations..  
  • Session Length & Frequency: 6 hours (one day) 
  • Methods & Materials: Reading, presentation, discussion, and application planning. Handouts.
  • Faculty: David B. Maglott, The Rev. Ken Howard, Spiritual Formation Center associates. 
  • Location: St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Germantown, Maryland
  • Cost: $95 per participant (discounts for teams).
*This program is currently under development.